Guest Room

by Daisys

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Our debut full length "Guest Room".

Catch the release show on May 19th, 2017 at the Trumbullplex in Detroit, doors at 7.


released May 19, 2017

Daisy Mosher: Guitar, Vocals
Lauren Fisher: Guitar
Hattie Robinson: Bass
Steve Gonzales: Drums

Recorded by: Brandon Mosher & Scott Kraus
Mixed and mastered by: Nick Lowe
Album art: Emily Tinklenberg



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Daisys Detroit, Michigan

Punk/Emo/queer band from the suburbs of metro Detroit consisting of lgbtqa+ members.

Daisy Mosher: guitar + vocals

Lauren Fisher (Fish): guitar + internal yelling

Steve Gonzales: drums + yelling

Jose Garcia: Bass + more yelling
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Track Name: Intro / She Rots
And when you go to sleep at night, I won’t let you go. I will hold you tight, and make you wish that you could die.
Because you’re mine.
It’s fine.
Track Name: Then What?
Lay in bed with splintered wood, and cut up arms never sounded so god damn good for me to get up and out of town. One tank of gas could probably go to New York City, then what?
Then what would you do if I left? Throw out all my records and have half a pack of smokes a day, without the conversation.
Baby’s flown to paradise, white picket fence, but only in her mind.
Daisy died in a punk house in Detroit, while ashes fall on our acid trip vacation.
Track Name: Boxcar
Back in the woods old broken boxcar and the history that it holds we'd pack our bags and books and sit there while time took our looks away dumb kids making love and smoking dope they're way too young to care but way too old to hope look up at the shapes of clouds broken when they come back down to earth pray for you to hear me or make this old train work
Keep on running, don't make it be just like it was before keep on running don't make me look back south no more
So we grew up and both grew out of things we always used to do she looks at me and starts to cry and with a tremble I run back to you don't feel bad for me this bed I made is mine two blankets down on vintage wood you promised that you understood if you cant fix her no one could so
Keep on running, don't let it be just like it was before
Keep on running don't make me look back south no more
I tried to understand I tried to be the one who makes it go away it's so hard feeling stuck bound to bed strung out as fucking day and I'll always run for you but I can't keep painting blue so say you'll keep on running
Track Name: Tied Up, Wasted
Sweet toxic escape, make it all okay. I can’t close my eyes and make it go away. Sweet ambition, six in every pack. Ten inside a carton for never looking back and I say… Where do I go to when I’m falling down, now you’re underneath the ground? I had a dream last night, you were chasing after me. I woke up on the floor with no sheets wrapped around me. You’re like a straight jacket in the sketch book you left inside my chest, before you drove away again. I can’t stand up on my own.
Track Name: Brain Eater
Oh my good god there's flowers growing in the cellar
Please baby please just be calm, now don't start to panic
But when I woke up, the blood was seeping through the floor
You threw your head back and you begged me for more so
Just be safe when you're alone
'Cuz you've got nowhere else to go
I guess I came around too late to save anyone's life
The shit I saw inside that room began to gently cauterize me
So I ran around the back to see who I could find, then you fucked me up and said that its all inside my mind so
Just be safe when you're alone
'Cause you've got nowhere else to go
Just quiet down my brain
Lobotomize me I'm insane
Please just be calm, just stay calm, just be calm, just stay calm, just be calm because I'm on my way
Track Name: With You
Talk to me while I fall asleep
It helps me be okay
Your shaky hands still comfort me.
Can we please just get away today?
Where it's not broken. Where I'm not broken.
God, just give me one more night.
Fuck, I know it's all a mess.
Lay me down where we used to play.
That's where I feel the best.
I can't travel through time.
Waking up at three o'clock and God you made my stomach drop to the beat of the records on the wall.
Screams disintegrate my head, and I swear I'd do it all again with you, where it's not broken.
Track Name: Septic
I lit up a silhouette of who I used to be while I was puking in the bathroom to a bloody symphony and thinking my God what I left here, holy shit what I picked up and I am going fucking septic from the poison in my mailbox.
I am bleeding out, on this skeptic’s breeding ground. Septic skyline, poison drought. My God let me out.
Blood stains on the window, there were blood stains on the door, there were cum stains on the carpet where you thought you’d break me more.
I guess I felt a little older when I let you cut my flesh, then you sewed me back together so I guess that you know best but what if…
What if it was only broken skin down there, and the biggest of my problems was deciding what to wear. When we were going out at night, you’d wait up till I got home, and I still get the chills when I know I’m not alone…
I am bleeding out, on this skeptic’s breeding ground
Septic skyline, poison drought. My God let me out. My God let me out, because I think I’m gonna drown, I am stuck inside this cloud. Would you let me, please God, let me fucking out?
Track Name: Something to Miss
Breathe again, sunshine, I’m not calling you. If you want to go dancing, put on your shoes. You woke up from nightmares to give me a kiss. Something to love is something to miss.
Throw it in boxes, throw you away. You better not speak until there is something that you have been dying to say. The room is too quiet, you start to get sick. Something to love is a reason to live.
In the dark I see nothing, but I’m feeling this crushing sensation with no explanation. I’m screaming and chasing, and tripping on laces while I’m biting these razors.
I don’t understand; why are you running? I could never hurt you you’re beautiful, stunning. Walk through the door, it’s open and waiting. Get back here bitch because I swear that I’m changing. I don’t know why you get me like this. I’m holding you down, you’re holding my wrist. I love you, I hate you, and it’s your fault I feel this way. Dammit get back here you’re not fucking leaving me.
I woke up again this morning with you. I never was good for more than a few. Screaming and strung out, you lean in and kiss me. Something to love is something to miss.
Track Name: 4 Walls
Four walls, four walls are pressuring my head. I fall asleep and there you are; ghost in my bed. Bullets weighing down my eyelids sinking into violence trying once let’s try this, I’m going crazy from the silence but.
Every time I reach door, shackles close around my throat. I’m shaking on the God Damn floor, worlds away from California. I am waiting by your car I have your phone. And I know it won’t be long until you’re alone like me.
I digress that I was testing you for my own guilty pleasure just to see if you would stay with me, I pushed you away from me. Old home movies will put you through hell, analog and stereo remember me well. Lock me up, I’ll be screaming for weeks for you. You probably can tell from the times I fell asleep but I guess I never knew what to say, now stop...
Track Name: Outro / Bloodstain Lullaby
I wish I would’ve gotten to know you before your smile rotted cold.
I wish I’d had some things to show you. At least you won’t get old.
I don’t know you, buried your body, no I don’t know you.
How deep do blood stains go?
I don’t know you, I don’t know you, I don’t know.